About Us - The GYM BOD Story so far

Thank you for joining us on our journey to create High Protein, Better-For-You, Satisfying snacks. 

We are on a mission to help Australians make decisions they can be proud of, and we won’t compromise on flavour, texture or nutrition.

We create Better-For-You versions of your childhood favourite sweet treats. One of the easiest ways to improve your diet is to find simple replacements to traditionally nutrient poor foods. Each of these choices has a positive compound effect, getting you closer to a healthier-you. When you pick GYM BOD, you're choosing a Better Option Dessert which is High in Protein, and Ultra Low in Sugar. 

GYM BOD started in our garage in 2018 in Toowoomba, Queensland. We were in Toowoomba for work, and in our spare time we started fiddling around with the idea of a High Protein Soft Serve. We imported a 136kg Soft Serve Machine from China, and spent our weekends mixing various concoctions of Protein Power to create a High Protein, Low Carb Soft Serve - The first of it's kind in Australia. 
Our day jobs moved us back to Sydney in 2019, where we purchased our Food Truck and spent a couple of months going full DIY to get our first Food Truck ready to operate.
It was a tight fit to get our Soft Serve Machine in, and it took a lot longer than expected to get all the council approvals required to operate - Courtney had to get his Cert III in Hospitality! Once we had the Green Light from the authorities, we spent our weekends travelling around Sydney visiting Gyms to refuel people after their workouts with our unique High Protein Soft Serve. It was our vision to have a GYM BOD Soft Serve Food Truck on every beach around Australia, making Better-For-You options readily available. 
As we grew, we realised we couldn’t get our Soft Serve to enough people (and running a food truck outside of our full time corporate day jobs was REALLY hard), and we needed to evolve; thus the creation of GYM BOD Ice Cream in a Tub! 
We work really closely with Food Product developers AKA Ice Cream Wizards to constantly tweak our products, and help us scale our operation. It was a HUGE learning curve moving from a Soft Serve product into a Tubbed Ice Cream product. The whole manufacturing process and machinery required are completely different. With each batch of GYM BOD Ice Cream produced, we learnt important things (like what happens when you put too much protein into your ice cream) and our product continually improved. We hand-stickered our first 10,000 tubs of Ice Cream as we couldn't afford to have individual tubs for each flavour....Then we messed up the stickers, and had to RESTICKER again!
Just us Stickering Ice Cream tubs.....
Our apartment in Sydney used to have a 900L Freezer in it, which we used to store GYM BOD ice cream in for our Home Delivery Service. We did 2 years worth of Home Ice Cream Deliveries after work and on the weekend, to get our product out into the market and get our customers feedback. 
With each batch we listened to our customers feedback, to get to where we are today with our range of products which feel like you are eating traditional Ice Cream, but with a nutritional panel which is 5-star health rated and won't compromise your health. We learnt early on that no two bodies, diets or taste pallets are the same, so our GYM BOD products have a variety of flavours, inclusions and macro profiles to suit you anytime of the day, week, month and/or year.
Since October 2021, GYM BOD has been on the selves at Selected Coles Supermarkets across VIC, ACT, NSW & QLD.
GYM BOD Ice Cream is also now available in selected Carrefour stores in the UAE, and at Monoprix in Kuwait. 
Since Jan 2022 we have GYM BOD available at Coles Local stores across the East Coast, and Woolworths Metro NSW Stores. We are working hard to grow our portfolio across Woolworths Metro. 
From June 2022, GYM BOD Ice Cream is also going to be available at Premium Independent Grocers across Western Australia. 
We have our BRAND NEW Icy Pole Product line hitting the shelves of Coles Nationally in May.
Courtney came up with the concept for our Icy Pole range whilst eating Icy Poles in the shower (yes he does that). The goal of these products is to rethink how we refuel and supplement our bodies, in a fun and innovative way. At the end of the day, we are all just big kids who love Icy Poles. 
It is our goal for GYM BOD products to be available on every supermarket shelf around Australia, and around the world. 
We want to take 1,000,000,000 (yes that's 1 billion) calories out of the Market, by providing our community with Better Options to traditionally bad-for-you foods. Each tub of GYM BOD consumed, saves on average 200 calories from your diet, when compared to traditional Ice Cream.
You can help us achieve this goal by picking up a tub of GYM BOD Ice Cream from one of our fabulous stockists around Australia.
We can’t overstate enough how important your feedback is to our growth and development, so please feel free to slide into our DMs at any time, or share your thoughts, or to show us what you've made with our products! 
Welcome to #TEAMGYMBOD,
Thank you so so much, 
Cian & Courtney
PS. Yes we did change our brand name in 2021 from GYM BOY to GYM BOD to better capture our purpose which is offering Better Option Desserts! (The BOY in GYM BOY stood for 'Better Option Yes!', but we learnt this wasn't clear enough, and some people really hated the name! Lesson learnt!)