GYM BOD Jam Donut Plant Based Ice Cre*m 475ml

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We have been working on this one for a while now - Plant Based GYM BOD Ice Cre*m! 

Traditionally Plant Based Ice Cre*m has very very very very very low amounts of protein in it. So we worked really hard to jam 10g of Plant Protein (from Fava Beans!) into each tub of GYM BOD Plant Based Ice Cre*m. 

Creamy Cinnamon Donut flavoured Ice Cre*m is laced with with a juicy raspberry jam swirl and donut pieces. Sounds too good to be true, but it's only 90 calories per serve (or 270 cals if you eat the whole tub)!  With 10g of Protein per tub and 96% Sugar Free, this tub will leave you feeling satisfied and proud of your decision.


Note: We changed our red colouring from Carmine to Red Beet, based on customer feedback! We hope you enjoy our new plant based flavour!