Got a question for us? Someone may have asked it before! Here's our most commonly asked questions. 

Is there a Plant Based GYM BOD Ice Cre*m? 

Our Raspberry Cheesecake GYM BOD is Plant based. We use Fava Bean as the source of protein! 

Is GYM BOD Gluten Free? 

Chocolate Pudding and Peanut Butter Salted Caramel are certified Gluten Free products. 

Is there a Lactose Free GYM BOD Ice Cre*m?

Our Raspberry Cheesecake GYM BOD is lactose free! We use Fava Bean as the source of protein! 

Do you use Artificial Sweeteners? 

No, we do not use artificial sweeteners. We only use naturally occurring sweeteners such as Stevia (from the Stevia Leaf) and Sugar Alcohols which are derivatives of fruit. We use Xylitol, Erythritol and Maltitol. These sweeteners are what keep the calories very low in our products, and are found in most low-calorie products on the shelves around the world. 

Why are there some Letters and Numbers in the GYM BOD Ice Cre*m Ingredient lists? 

Like most Ice Cre*ms, we use a mix of emulsifiers and preservatives to ensure our product maintains it's quality throughout it's shelf-life. Emulsifiers do the important work of keeping all the ingredients mixed together, and ensuring the texture is maintained, so you get a delicious creamy ice cream every time. Preservatives are important to making sure our product doesn't go off prematurely. 

Why is there Arabic writing on your packaging, if you say you're an Australian product? 

GYM BOD is 100% Australian Made and owned. We have an Arabic ingredients list on the back of our packaging as we also export our Ice Cre*m to countries including the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. In order to export to this area, we have to have the ingredient list written in Arabic on the packaging. We are a Start-Up business, so purchasing multiple versions of packaging for different countries is not financially viable for us, so this is why we have this text on our tubs.

How many Carbs are in each tub?  

You can find the nutritional breakdown and ingredients for each product on our NUTRITION page, or on each individual product page. 

Why is there an "*" in the word Ice Cre*m in all GYM BOD Marketing?

There is a very technical definition of Ice Cream. In order for a product to be an Ice Cream it must have 100 g/kg of milk fat; and 168 g/L of food solids. GYM BOD Ice Cre*m doesn't meet these parameters, so we therefore cannot call our product Ice Cream, as that would be misleading to consumers. We do not want to mislead any one! Our technical product classification is "Frozen Dessert". We think Ice Cre*m is a playful way of alluding to what GYM BOD is striving to emulate.